Professional Construction, Inc.

DuBois & King Corporate Office Building

Location: Randolph, VT
Owner: DuBois & King, Inc
Categories: Corporate
Project Size: 23000 sq ft
Superintendent: Art Keppelman
Architect: Truex Cullins & Partners Architects

State of the art professional offices including entrance lobby with glass triple glazed glass tower, work areas, libraries, conference rooms, training room, kitchenette, staff lunch room, server room and IT operations and ISP customer service area. Project highlights include Lightlouver Daylighting Louver Systems that optimize natural lighting, Air Sealing Envelope wall systems, Economizer sensors in the HVAC rooftop units, total heat recovery system designed to recover the heat from the exhausted air to warm the incoming air during winter conditions, pultruded fiberglass windows with insulated frames, triple glazing and urethane wall insulation eliminating the need for perimeter baseboard radiation.